National Library Week – Lincoln Library

9 Apr

To kick off National Library Week, I thought it a good idea to start with yours – the Lincoln Library!

Your library is open from 8:10 AM to 4:30 PM and is open during all class periods, during lunch, as well as after school.

The main library page will connect you to all other library-related pages, such as…

– The Lincoln Library Catalog: If you’re looking for a very particular topic, I’d recommend using the Advanced Search feature. This will allow you to craft your search strategy whether keywords need to be near one another, before or after each other or even if you need to eliminate unnecessary keywords.

— The Online Databases available to you at Lincoln are another handy-dandy research feature. From this link, you can gain access to Academia Search Premier, Gale databases, Opposing Viewpoints, EBSCO and much, much more.

— When you need more specialized research, go to the Research at Lincoln page. From here, you can find a TON of information from MLA to bibliographies to IB details.

— Need to create a Works Cited/References page? Check out Citation Maker where you can choose MLA or APA.

— Looking for further information for your English, Foreign Language, Health, Social Studies, Science or Theater? Click on Class Connections where you can find even more links for each of the aforementioned subjects.

— When it comes time for you to start thinking and researching the whole college thing, start at the College Information page. There are a number of search engines that will help you learn how to choose, apply, pay, choose a major, etc.

— We cannot live on academia & scholarly work at all time so when you’re looking for a new book to read for FUN, check out the Recommended Booklist page.

— Last, though certainly not least, is a personal favorite of mine – the Writing Center home page! This page offers up some more information on what we do here, how we can help you, when we’re here, and how you can reach me.

Your Lincoln Library is a treasure trove of resources – come visit us today!

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