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Happy Summer!

13 Jun

Summer officially started about 30 minutes ago for most of you (woohoo!) and I hope you all had a wonderful, thought-provoking, fulfilling school year!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say THANK YOU to all the amazing students I was privileged enough to work with this year. It truly means something special that you shared your words and thoughts with me. Thank you again for the chats & laughs 🙂

Also, I have to send out a THANK YOU to Linda Doler and Bob Kubeczko for  being so kind and friendly & helping me with any question I threw their way.

Last but certainly not leas  a big THANK YOU to Tracy Russell for her generosity of time and spirit, for teaching me soooo much, and for being an absolute joy!

Have a wonderful summer Lincoln students!!

Warmest wishes & lots of happiness,

Shannon Moore

Hey You!

1 Jun

Hey IB folks,

So I’ve met with many of you so far but there’s still about 20 or so of you floating out there that need to meet with me in the Writing Center.

To sign up, shoot me an email or sign up in the Writing Center appointment book (main counter in the library).

This meeting is for YOU – the more I know about your research question beforehand, the more materials and texts I can gather to help you get started on your summer reading. Help me to help you & come on in!

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