Willamette Writers 2013 Kay Snow Writing Contest

15 Jan


The purpose of this annual contest, named in honor of Willamette Writer’s founder, Kay Snow, is to help writers reach professional goals in writing in a broad array of categories.


Entry Dates

Beginning Date: November 1, 2012
Postmark Deadline: April 19th, 2013.

Student Writer (18 or under) – There are three categories of student writers. Students can enter any type of writing, fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Word limit, 1,500 words. Students should not enter adult categories unless paying the adult fee. If a student enters an adult category, do not put student or a grade category on the entry form.
Grades 9-12
Students are limited to ONE entry. There is no fee for student writers in these three grade groups. Students should not enter adult categories unless paying the adult fee. If a student enters an adult category, they should not put student or a grade category on the entry form.


1. Entries that do not follow all category guidelines and rules will be disqualified.

2. Entries must be typed, double spaced (except poetry and screenplays – follow rules below).

3. All entries should have a title on the top of the first page. Each following page should have the title at either the upper left or right corner with the page number. (Screenplays have title on first page only, top of the page.)

4. Type word count on upper right of first page, except for screenplays and poetry.

5. Number each page except first page.

6. To assure confidentiality, Do Not Put Author’s Name On Manuscript.

7. A registration fee and entry form must accompany each entry. Multiple entries can be mailed in ONE envelope with ONE entry form.

8. Each INDIVIDUAL entry must be accompanied by ONE (1) 3 x 5 card with author’s name, address, phone, and title of entry and category. Place the card in a plain white envelope, seal it, and on the outside of the envelope write the title of your entry and its category. For poetry entry, EACH poem must be accompanied by a 3 x 5 card in an envelope. If you submit TWO poems (or more), you must have a 3 x 5 card in a separate envelope for each poem. If you submit two fiction entries, each entry has ONE 3 x 5 card for EACH entry inside ONE small envelope.

9. Submit TWO (2) copies of each entry. If you submit two poems for one entry, submit TWO COPIES OF EACH POEM. Do not send originals. Entries, registration form, and 3 x 5 cards can be mailed in one envelope.

10. All entries must be original and unpublished or unproduced. Screenplays cannot be an adaptation of a published novel or non-fiction book by someone other than the screenwriter. Being posted on a web site is not considered publication, nor is a non-fiction article appearing in an on-line newsletter if there was no payment involved.

11. To receive a list of winners, send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope).

12. Do not send cash. Send a check, money order, or credit card information with the entry. You may enter more than one category and submit more than one entry in each category. A fee must accompany each entry.

13. Only one prize will be awarded to a winner in any category.

14. Manuscripts will not be returned. Keep a copy of your entry.

15. Submissions will be judged anonymously and judges decisions will be final. Judges reserve the right to withhold prizes in any category if entries do not meet their standards.

16. Fee per entry is $10 per entry for members of Willamette Writers and $15 per entry for non-members. Student entries are free. Note: Contest fees are not refundable.

Go to the printer-friendly Kay Snow Awards entry form.

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