Research Databases for the Extended Essay: Music

15 Apr


* Music Resources at Lincoln Library * 

Music Books – click here

Broadway: The American Musical is an informational website sponsored by PBS.

Musicals 101 is an online encyclopedia of musical theatre, TV and film. You have to see this website!

The Internet Broadway database is The official archival database for Broadway theatre information.



Full-text access to more than 1,400 of the most important journals published in the world, in a broad spectrum of disciplines, including the arts, language and literature, history, education, political science, and biological sciences, as well as primary sources such as letters, images, pamphlets, and plant specimens.

Music Online from Alexander Street Press

Music Online is an exciting resource for streaming audio, video and books. Save playlists of your favorites.

New York Times (1999-present)

News and current events from the New York Times newspaper from 1999 to the present date.

New York Times Historical (1851-2007)

This resource includes full-text and full-images of every page of the New York Times, cover to cover, in downloadable PDF format. It includes articles on national and international affairs, businesses, sports, New York regional news, regular columns, biographical stories and reports on science, medicine, the arts and more. It includes supplements such as the Book Review and Magazine. It also includes the complete text of all Presidential press conferences and other important speeches.

Oregonian Historical Archive

Search and view all of the Oregonian newspapers from 1861 to 1987.

Oxford Music Online

A comprehensive online music encyclopedia, featuring the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Freegal Music

Download music for free with your Multnomah County Library card. Just enter your library card number and PIN to download up to three songs per week that you can keep forever.

IMSLP Petrucci Music Library (Website)

IMSLP stands for International Music Score Library Project, a wiki-based source for public domain music scores, recordings, and information about musical works. View and print pdfs of scores and parts.

Music Index

This music database is the most complete source available for finding journal articles on music topics.

* IPL (Internet Public Library): Music *

Genres – 105 Resources

Includes blues, classical, country, folk, hip hop, rap, jazz, Latin, show tunes, soundtracks, world, and more.

* IPL — Entertainment and Leisure — Music — Performance * 

32 resources

Introduction to Reading Music

Learn about notes, clefs, rests, counting, time signatures, and more through these short, easy-to-follow lessons.

Antique Vintage Guitars

A site dedicated to vintage guitars, created by “a private collector interested in vintage instruments by Gibson, Fender, Martin, Gretsch, Epiphone, National, Dobro, Rickenbacker, D’Angelico, Stromberg, Hofner, Danelectro, Coral, Kay made from 1920 to 1970. This includes both electric and acoustic vintage guitars.” The site has sections for each ma …

WholeNote – The On-Line Guitar Community

“WholeNote is an on-line community for guitarists. The main principle behind the development of the site was to provide tools for those that are knowledgeable to create on-line lessons from which other visitors can learn, thereby creating a collective knowledge that all can use to further their own playing, and to allow visitors to access this kno …

Accumulated Accordion Annotations

Links to all sorts of information about accordions, including general information, and a bibliography of accordion related works. Distilled from the FAQ of an accordion-related mailing list.

 Computer Music Bibliography

This is a bibliography on synthesizers, midi, computer and electronic music collected from various sources.

Electric Fiddler: Home for the electric violin player

A wealth of information for electric violin players. Features an instrument maker directory, an electric violin image directory, electric violin effects section, and details on amplification, recording, fiddle preamps and bows. Interact with other musicians through the blogs and forums.

 Making Music Magazine

Making Music Magazine provides a space for adult amateur and recreational musicians with useful resources like a list of music festivals in the USA and tips for playing music.

CHICO Instrument Encyclopedia

Based out of the University of Michigan, The Instrument Encyclopedia showcases “some of the world’s most interesting musical instruments.” The database provides users with instrument images, textual descriptions and an occasional sound file.

 Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, 1870-1885

“Consists of over 47,000 pieces of sheet music registered for copyright during the years 1870 to 1885. Included are popular songs, piano music, sacred and secular choral music, solo instrumental music, method books and instructional materials, and music for band and orchestra.” Search by keyword or browse indexes of authors, titles, or subjects. Th …


A search engine for the classical piano repertoire. Users can search by composer name and nationality, work duration, date of composition, title, key/mode and instrumentation. The site also has a French version.

A collection of guitar music and lessons primarily for the electric guitarist.

The Living Composers Project

“The Living Composers Project is a non-profit database begun in 2000, which aims to provide composers, listeners, performers, and researchers with a source of information about the music of our time.”

Choral Public Domain Library

“The largest website devoted exclusively to free choral sheet music. Begun in December 1998, the site has over 140 contributors and 3,200 scores.” Search by title or composer, or browse in the following categories: chant, medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, early-20th, or modern.

Music History 102

A Guide to Western Composers and Their Music. Experience Western musical history through information on the thirty-some odd composers chosen as representative of the great music, styles, and trends in music history.

“As the official Web site of the National Piano Foundation, PianoNet is your comprehensive guide to everything about pianos???their history, their manufacture, noted artists, important publications and more.”

Harmony Central

A well-organized guide to Internet resources for musicians, “supplying valuable information from news and product reviews, to classified ads and chat rooms,” as well as How-To articles and an article library.

Guitar Foundation of America Archives/Research

Offers online and print resources for guitar research, supplied in part from the organization’s archives. Subjects include guitar history, music scores, societies and forums and discussion groups.

Mariachi Publishing Company: Education Resources

A collection of resources for mariachi enthusiasts including articles about mariachi styles like the Son Jaliscience, the Jarabe, and the Ranchera. The site also features a brief history of the mariachi tradition, a mariachi trumpet articulation guide, violin & trumpet voicing guide,vihuela chords chart, and tuning/strum charts

Sheet Music from Canada’s Past

“This site is a source of sheet music published in Canada before 1921, selected from the National Library of Canada’s historical collection. This website currently features sheet music published before Confederation (1867) and during the era of the First World War (1914-1920), selected from the historical collection of the National Library of Canad … Broadway Buzz

Site provides “editorial coverage of theater on the web, including the latest news, interviews with actors and playwrights, opening-night coverage, original theater reviews and video features” as well as “current box office results, show synopses, credits and biographies and in-depth Tony Awards coverage.”

A collection of Anlo-Ewe resources including a virtual instrument museum, a performance gallery, and a section on tradition rhythms. On the Kogiri, a north Ghanain instrument, page you can “virtually” play the instrument.

Didjeridu & Traditional Music of the Top End

A site dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of traditional Arnhem land music. The included glossary of musical terms provides definitions for terms from “Aeroplane noises” to “Dja tpangarri” to”Yuta”. An additional section includes a map with links to representative audio examples for particular regions.


“MBIRA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to educate the public regarding traditional Shona music of Zimbabwe.” Contains information on musicians, instruments, workshops, lessons and Shona culture.

Kavals and Dzamares: End-blown Flutes of Greece and Macedonia

A history of the end-blown flutes of Greece and Macedonia. The making of kavals is depicted in a series of photos and instrument design and tunings are discussed in an appendix.

Cora Connection: The Manding Music Traditions of West Africa

Resources for the West African Mandinka kora (cora), a lute like instrument that is played in a style similar to that of a flamenco guitar. The site also includes clips of the balaphone, a marimba-like instrument and ngoni, a plucked lute.

PD Info: Public Domain Music

“A reference site to help the ordinary person identify public domain songs and public domain music… royalty free music you can use anywhere and any way you choose… performance, sing-along, film, video, advertising, business, or personal.” Includes info on copyright and public domain, an FAQ, and a song list of titles in the public domain.

Historic American Sheet Music Project

“The Historic American Sheet Music Project provides access to digital images of 3,042 pieces from the collection, published in America between 1850 and 1920.”

The Pontic Music Homepage

History and audio relating to the Greeks of Pontos who were settled mostly in Macedonia after the 1922 Treaty of Lausanne. Instruments including the kemenche, a type of lyra, and the tulum, a type of bagpipe, are discussed as well as dance forms including dipat, kochari, and serra.

The Ceolas Celtic Music Archive

Information about Celtic/Irish music, including discographies of Celtic artists and upcoming tour schedules, and information about Celtic instruments.

The Phonograph Turntable and Performance Practice in Hip Hop Music

This article by Miles White discusses the evolution of the phonographic turntable into an instrument. The site depicts the use of the turntable as an instrument with the use of both audio and video clips.

Mad Hatter’s Review

Biannual multimedia online magazine showcasing prose, poetry, art, music, and reviews from contemporary artists and writers from around the world.

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