What’s Your Summer Story?

7 Jun

summer story


We all know that Portland is a city of readers, right? Well, we’ve also got a number of famous writers that make or have made the City of Roses their home.  There’s even a former Lincoln Cardinal on that list!

Want to add your own name to that list? Consider taking one of the many writing programs/workshops that are offered in the summer.

* Lewis & Clark offers the “The Fir Acres Workshop in Writing and Thinking”  from June 30-July 12. “Since the summer of 1989, Fir Acres has been a place where, as E.B. White puts it, the ‘self escapes into the open,’ where all of us follow our written language in order to hear our voices anew.”

* The Attic Institute offers a summer writing camp where “students…will meet eight times to work on personal narrative, fantasy, fiction, essays, poetry, and any other type of writing they wish. Writers will be heavily engaged in peer critiques, feedback, and revision.”  “Writing from the Wilds will give young writers an opportunity to renew their creative energy during mid-summer as they explore craft, narrative voice, story structure…This three-day writing camp takes place in the beautiful Opal Creek Wilderness, and is in collaboration with the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center.” Check out both programs here.

* PCC offers a summer teen program – check out their schedule of writing classes.

* “show:tell, the Workshop for Teen Writers and Artists, is a nine-day seminar in which high school students (ages 14 to 18) receive college-level instruction in creative writing and contemporary arts.”

Do you know of any other teen writing programs happening this summer? If so, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.


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