Design Week Portland

9 Oct

At the Writing Center we spend a lot of time thinking about written rhetoric: the best way to say what we want to say. We choose words that denote meaning, invoke feeling, and inspire a specific response in the reader. Designers spend their days asking similar questions, striving to choose the best imagery to illustrate an idea and convey meaning. Visual rhetoric surrounds us, from advertisements to emergency signage, product packaging, and graffiti. It affects us without our knowing it, its power employed with good intent and bad. Its prevalence makes it largely inescapable, but we can be aware of its presence and its effects. Design Week Portland holds panels, exhibits, presentations, and workshops on all aspects of design. It’s a week for discussion, innovation, and awareness. Oh yeah, it’s nerdy and fun too.

Some free stuff happening:

Content: A Publication Party – IPRC, October 11, 4-9pm

Portland Letterpress Fair – Em Space, October 12, 12-7pm

Davis Street Residency with Jason Sturgill – Museum of Contemporary Craft, October 8-12, 11am-4pm

Emily Martin: The Deep Green Sea Opening – Land Gallery, October 11, 6-9pm

Design. Make. Show. – The Immaculate Order of Makers Workshop, October 11-13, various hours

Geodesic Dome Party and Motorcycle Showcase – Workshop, October 11-12, various hours


Bonus: 12 pt., Times New Roman, double-spaced, one inch margins? Visual rhetoric.

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