‘Tis the Season for College Apps!

17 Oct

Let’s admit it: college applications are hard. So come get some help! College Application Week is coming up on November 3-7. Resources will be available during and after school for you to get help starting, polishing, or finishing your applications.

In anticipation of College Application Week, Lincoln HS will be host to a free seminar on college application and scholarship essays. Come check it out, and get your brain churning with ideas.

GET STARTED ON YOUR COLLEGE ESSAY: Wednesday October 22nd 3:30 at Lincoln, room 135
A free seminar with Essay Tutor Xander Dominitz.
·        Discussion of this year’s Common App prompts
·        What to consider when selecting topics
·        How to brainstorm to find the perfect topic
When Xander was 17, his own essay was published in the Fiske guide. A Yale admissions officer wrote him a personal note telling him it’s one of the reasons he got in. Since then, he’s read countless student essays, and culled the wisdom from the “experts.” Xander’s philosophy: there’s only one way to write a winning essay: find a kernel of personal truth, explore it deeply, and polish your prose to a fine shine.

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