College Application Tips

3 Dec

The Cardinal Times wrote a great feature on tips for seniors in the throes of college applications. Check it out here! Remember, you can always come by the Writing Center for help with college essays, too. Deadlines are fast approaching, but we are here to help!


Local Author Awarded Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters

20 Nov

Last night, local science fiction and fantasy writer Ursula Le Guin was awarded the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters at the 2014 National Book Award. Two of her novels were awarded both Hugo and Nebula awards, The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed. Le Guin was also one of the contributing founders of the Oregon Institute of Literary Arts, which later became known as Literary Arts in Portland.

Check out Le Guin’s bold and gracious speech here.

[Last year’s winner of the National Book Award in Poetry, local poet and Lewis & Clark College professor Mary Szybist, will be reading at Eliot Chapel on Reed College campus this evening at 6:30.]

College Application Season!

5 Nov

It’s College Application Week here at Lincoln, so I thought we’d feature some writing tips for those challenging application papers so many seniors are writing.

You can find some great tips here:

Most important: be yourself and be honest.

Sincerity is key. If you don’t care about what you are writing about then why would a college admissions officer care to read it?

Don’t get overwhelmed by form. This isn’t a five paragraph essay for English class, so instead focus on narrative. When it comes down to it, you are telling a story, so imagine how you would share this story with a friend or family member.

Lastly, relax! It’s hard writing about yourself, and there’s a lot of pressure put on the application paper. But the less you stress, the more natural your paper will be. Still feeling the stress? Stop by the Writing Center. We’re always happy to help!

So what’s the deal: when do you use a comma?

25 Oct

Commas seem simple, right? But I always feel like I’m using them wrong. Check out this video to learn all the tricks:

‘Tis the Season for College Apps!

17 Oct

Let’s admit it: college applications are hard. So come get some help! College Application Week is coming up on November 3-7. Resources will be available during and after school for you to get help starting, polishing, or finishing your applications.

In anticipation of College Application Week, Lincoln HS will be host to a free seminar on college application and scholarship essays. Come check it out, and get your brain churning with ideas.

GET STARTED ON YOUR COLLEGE ESSAY: Wednesday October 22nd 3:30 at Lincoln, room 135
A free seminar with Essay Tutor Xander Dominitz.
·        Discussion of this year’s Common App prompts
·        What to consider when selecting topics
·        How to brainstorm to find the perfect topic
When Xander was 17, his own essay was published in the Fiske guide. A Yale admissions officer wrote him a personal note telling him it’s one of the reasons he got in. Since then, he’s read countless student essays, and culled the wisdom from the “experts.” Xander’s philosophy: there’s only one way to write a winning essay: find a kernel of personal truth, explore it deeply, and polish your prose to a fine shine.

Wondering what do this this weekend?

3 Oct

Check it out! There’re tons of literary events happening around Portland every night of the week. The folks over at Swamp Lit have compiled a comprehensive calendar for all things lit happening:  

Lincoln Writing Center is Back in Business!

1 Oct

Hello! Welcome back to school. The hot weather is sticking around and I know, it’s hard to concentrate on work! Don’t let the sunshine get you in a pickle with your teachers: check out the writing center for help!

The Lincoln High School Writing Center is now open daily from 2:30 – 4:30. Don’t wait until the day it’s due; get a handle on your essays, assignments, and research from the beginning. We can help you with assignment comprehension, research, idea generation and brainstorming, identifying your thesis, developing your argument, citations, creative writing, and more. Whether it’s a short response essay, a college or scholarship application, a personal creative writing project, or a lengthy research assignment, we’re here to help.

To make an appointment, come to the library and sign up on the sign in sheet or email us at

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