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Anything Goes Wednesday: Plotting the Plot

22 May

Daily Mail published a fascinating article that showcases the many different ways authors organize their ideas, plots, characters, and so forth. Check it out here.


ABOVE: JK Rowling’s plot plans for Harry Potter

How do you organize your thoughts for any writing that you do? Are you a fan of the mind map? Looping? Or maybe outlining? Perhaps you do something totally different – share it with us!


Anything Goes Wednesday: What to Read this Summer

14 May

Summer is fast approaching and I’m sure you Lincoln Cards are sitting there wondering what am I going to read all summer? Well, never fear, Teach.com came up with a great flowchart that will help you decide.

Summer Reading Chart


Anything Goes Wednesday: How to Use Quotation Marks

24 Apr


Anything Goes Wednesday: 100 Greatest Books of All Time

17 Apr


Check out Fandomania’s compiled list of the 100 greatest books of all time. How many have you read? Is your favorite book missing from this list?


Anything Goes Wednesday: Banish Writer’s Block

10 Apr

writers block

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