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Finals Got You Frantic?

30 Jan

On the eve of Finals week (it’s 3 days but am sure it feels as long as a week for you all), I thought it a good idea to pick up on last week’s post about time management but push it a bit.

Cramming is NEVER a good idea mostly because (1) it’s pretty ineffective (science!) and (2) so stressful! However, if you find yourself rapidly running out of hours there are a few tips that should, hopefully, prevent you from staying up till some terrible hour the night before your exams.

First, try the Read-Recite-Review method:

* Read –> Okay, yup, this one is obvious. But try to limit what you’re reading to a reasonable amount of information. Go for those areas that you’re having trouble with and those areas where you’re so close to retaining it to memory but keep it to sections versus entire chapters.

* Recite –> Now summarize what you just read. If you’re having a tough time summarize it orally or in writing. Maybe form a study group? Might make it more interesting to recite information to friends than alone.

* Review –> Now re-read that section and make sure that your recitation matches up. Did you leave out an important concept? Now you know where to focus your attention.

Check out this article on “chunking,” which came about “when a Harvard psychologist named George Miller published his study on short term memory. It was called “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two.””

While, yes, Finals are really super duper important, it is important to remember to keep your stress under control. The old tried-and-truisms of get enough sleep, eat right, exercise, don’t go overboard with caffeine, and breathe are tried-and-true for a reason – they work! Here’s a small article about how to keep your stress under control.

If you’ve got a pet, take a break for some cuddles (science again!). If you don’t have a pet or feel weird about asking to borrow your neighbor’s Labradoodle, try looking at cute animals. I dare you to look at these two cuties and not feel insta-calm.

Good luck on Finals!!

Time for Time Management Tips

25 Jan

Hey folks,

Since finals are fast approaching, I thought sharing some tools for time management would be a good idea.


First and foremost, schedule your time properly. Try using this form to plan out your study days. Hopefully, you’re not studying for 7 hours but I’ve created enough slots just in case. Here’s an example of a completed form.


Try different study spots so as not to get stuck in a rut. Always study in your room but often find Facebook calling you? Study in the kitchen or outside or anywhere that has zero distractions. Find yourself constantly people-watching at the coffee shop? Head to the library.


If you find yourself procrastinating then try obligating to a study group. Knowing that other people are counting on you to be in a certain place at a certain time should help you kick that bad habit.


If you’re struggling or feeling stuck or just need to get out of your head then seek out some help whether it be your family, guardians, friends, co-workers, etc. The Writing Center is here for you Mon-Fri 2:30-4:30pm. The Math Tutor is here in the library Wed & Thur 3-4:30pm.


Treat yourself every time you accomplish a goal. Take those 10-minute breaks on the above schedule – take a quick walk, play with your dog or cat, grab a snack, so on & so forth. After a successful study day, treat yourself to something a bit nicer; perhaps dessert or renting a movie? Once you’ve made it through an entire week, give yourself an even bigger gift. Maybe dinner and a movie out with friends? Or a new outfit, game, etc.? Use these incentives as goal posts to motivate you to keep on keeping on.


Finally, just RELAX! Remind yourself that there are only so many hours in a day. Your ultimate goal is to do your absolute best. Check out these tips on stress management. Of course, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, tell someone.

Do you have any time management tips that you like to use? Any that you’ve used that did not work?

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