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Modern African-American Writers & Poets

31 Jan

Considering that this is the Writing Center blog, I realized today that it’d probably be a good idea to throw reading and literature onto the fire.

Luckily, Black History Month starts tomorrow so I’ll be doing my best to post each day about an African-American/black writer or poet. Since the Writing Center is closed for the rest of the week these posts will start next week. There are so many amazing artists to choose from so I’ll be doubling up on some days.

All of that being said, I do have a confession to make that I’m hoping you lovely readers can help out with. I’ve been swimming in academia for so long that I’m pretty out of the loop when it comes to any contemporary writers. Many of the writers I’ll be posting about are still, thankfully, writing but I know there are many, many out there that I’m just not aware of so let me know in the comments. What contemporary African-American/black writers or poets do you think we should all know about?

I did a bit of research and found the following links that I hope you all will enjoy:

* Chris Volk gives a fantastic interview about black writers and literature; read it here.

* Our fabulous Multnomah County Library has some great links.

* The Cincinnati Library has an extensive list; check it out here.

* For graphic novel fans, here’s a list of 25 recommended by the Library Journal.

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