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Writing Tip Thursday: Handy Dandy Organizer

16 May

Check out this fantastic essay organizer I came across today. Use it for your next essay & let us know how it helped.



Writing Tip Thursday: PEEL your Paragraphs

9 May


Writing Tip Thursday: 9 + 1 Editing Tips

25 Apr


I read a great post the other day (click image above) that offers 9 editing tips. I’d add #10 Visit the Writing Center – use a fresh pair of eyes to look over your work.

Here are nine editing tips that can help you polish your writing until it sparkles.”

Writing Tip Thursday: 10 Easy Steps

18 Apr


Check out  How to Write an Essay in 10 Easy Steps for a concise description of each step of the essay writing process.


Writing Tip Thursday: Scholarship Essay

11 Apr


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