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Mind Map, Attempt #2

28 Jan

Yesterday I posted a pretty simplistic mind map template but thanks to the help of some fancy software, I’ve got a new one for you folks.

I imagine that the best use of this template will be for those times when you are stumped for ideas. Here’s how I see it being filled out – I’d love to hear your ideas though!

Open Book –> Main topic

Oval & Rounded Rectangle Branches –> Thoughts and observations about the main topic would go in these spots. I created two areas in the event you’re wanting to compare/contrast or if one thought is a sub-idea of the other.

Big Rectangles at the North & South Ends –> Here’s where you’ll jot down overarching themes, issues, etc. that you’ll want to be sure to include in your paper.

Clouds –> Once you’ve got your ideas down, number these clouds in the order of interest, paragraph order, what have you.

Anything you feel is missing? Let me know what you think and how you’re using it!

Mind Map

26 Jan


Hey Lincoln folks,

In preparation for a post about crafting a thesis statement, I created a mind map template. Here’s an example of a completed form using John Okada’s No-No Boy.

I’m not absolutely in love with it so it may be altered a bit. Do you see anything that would make this form easier to use?

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